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DietPower: Products & Services

Diet Power sells software that examines your calorie intake and weight loss equipment and gears. Diet Power Software works well in planning your nutrients intake. The main purpose of this software is to balance your nutrients and keep you safe from heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, osteoporosis, and other nutrition-related ailments. Diet power offered products are as follows.

  •             Pocket Food Scales
  •             Kitchen Tabletop Scales
  •             Personal Bath Scales
  •             Fitness Gear
  •             Heart Rate Watches
  •             Pedometers
  •             Fitness Packages
DietPower: Company Background

Diet Power was founded in 1988, and the founder, chairman and CEO of Diet Power is Terry Dunkle.  He got the idea for the company from his own weight and nutrition issues. He made an innovative software can that help you manage your weight and organize your diet according to the diet nutrition. The software is developed with the help of science-based tools. Headquarter of Diet Power is located in Danbury, Connecticut.     

DietPower: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Most of the customers have varied opinions of this software program , some says that it is simple to use,  other customers feel that it has corrupted their windows 7 software, they have found many viral, and spam in their PC. But most of the customers found it effective and has proven that it works. Diet Power has excellent feature and recommendation. The customer feedbacks of Amazon are as follows:

Great program and super easy to use,

Diet Power WORKS as long as you do

Diet Power WORKS for those who are serious.

Not for Weight Watcher's but has some good features

I've lost 32 lbs from it!

DietPower--Good but with Several Problems,

Great diet software,

One problem after another after another

DietPower: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Diet power business credibility and trustworthiness is reliable according to the BBB rating, it stands at A+ out of the scales of A+ to F. Diet Power is covered in popular media outlets. Diet power is proven as a credible company because of the awards it has won i.e. Award-winning weight-loss and nutrition coaching software, it as also been covered by the Wall Street Journal.

DietPower: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

The Alexa gave it a ranking of #215817 in the world and the low rank shows that website has a huge traffic of visitors. According to the Google Page Rank rating, it stands at 4 out of 10 and this website is suitable for SEO site and the SEO score of the website is 67.5%.

DietPower: Social Media Presence

Diet power also has a blog, which was updated last time in 2009. The company also having a social networking page such as Facebook and Twitter. There are not more than 50 likes on Facebook for this website and it has only 441 followers. They need to start promoting some more through social media so they can get more followers.

DietPower: Website Security & Safety

The website security and safety of Diet power is very secured in concern with the confidential data such as credit card information is processed through SSL technology, which help in providing protection to all your personal data.  The verification through softonic has proven it a virus free website. It is also tested through a site advisor and result shows that the site is free from unwanted adware and spyware. The Google safe browsing Diagnostic has also proven it as a safe site. The links are given below;

DietPower: Pricing & Packages

Personal edition will cost you $27.95 through a download. If you buy the CD-ROM than it will cost you $37.90. For upgrading from the old version through download will cost you $19.95 or if you upgrade through a CD will cost you $29.90. For more price details, check out the website. The prices are very good when compared to their competitors that provide the same types of products and service.  

DietPower: Shipping Rates & Policies

Diet Power users can use safe online health shop, if not there is another option i.e. order using mail service or phone, fax and email. The shipping and handling fees on its software or upgrading the version will charge you $3.99. For more details about the shipping policies and shipping costs, visit the website. 

DietPower: Payment Methods Accepted

The payment methods accepted by Diet Power are credit cards the types of card are Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. You can also make payment through checks payable to Diet Powers, but there is a 6.35% sales tax is added in it for the users living in Connecticut. Diet Power does not accept the other payment methods such as PAY PAL, Money Booker, and Money Orders. 

DietPower: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Yes, they do offer refund, on its products such as on personal edition one year: if you are willing to refund, remove every installation added from the copy of the program then send an email or fax to the company telling that you have done the removal of every program. For more details about other products refund or return contact or read online on the Diet power website. 

DietPower: Product images & screenshots
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